Thursday 21 August 2014

Bonnie Scotland: Photo Teaser

The first road trip of the year is complete, with a journey around Bonnie Scotland under our belts and winch tour around some of the coolest and coldest parts of the Highlands. In what can only be described as blessed weather conditions we saw the best that Scotland had to offer. With Taylor Dell, Ollie Moore and Matt Crowhurst taking to the skates for a winch off and tour of some of the newest and brightest spots in the Northern Lands of William Wallace. We toured from Loch Lomond across to the other side of Edinburgh to christen Fox Lake along with hitting some sweet Scottish winch spots along the way. Fox Lake is set to be the first cable in Scotland with their new System 2.0 being delivered as we speak, this little gem is going to be a great spot this season.

Scotland shines on

For a complete write up your will have to wait for the next issue of Syndicate Wake but for now we will have a peak at what is to come from the Scottish lands. The water was cold and the air was crisp but the weather was on our side with blue days and flat days a plenty. A more beautiful place to ride there can’t be many, warmer – there are plenty. But if we were all fair weather riders we wouldn’t ride and for the sake of a decent wetsuit and some determination you will not be disappointed by Scotland and its amazing places to ride.

More to come, but for now; here’s a little something:


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  1. Cameron Massie says:

    i was there when they were at the river. was an epic few days


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